Arlene Estrella
MAT #11968
(808) 888-8169

"...I am AMAZED at my results. I went from having constant pain everyday (often accompanied with headaches at least 3-4 times a week) to having very little discomfort...


You taught me to be patient with my body and it's healing. You have proven to me that I can heal with only half hour massages once a week. I would have never imagined that as little as a half an hour would produce such amazing results...


You have restored my hope and have given me faith that my injury (in due time) will be healed 100%."—Patricia B.


"Recently I have been receiving chiropractic treatment for shoulder and lower back pain. Part of the regimen of treatment has been regular massage therapy by Arlene. I think of Arlene as healing artist. She has a very instinctive and intuitive sense of what is happening with her client. Her touch is sure and she quickly locates the trouble spots. She also knows all of the secondary and supportive locations that relate to the primary problem and gets to those places as well. If you need a massage therapist, there is none finer."—Ken & Michelle


"Arlene knows how to heal. With pain in my arm, she went right to the source - in my shoulder. It was amazing. I left feeling in much less pain. Subsequent visits helped even more."—John V.


"Arlene Estrella is one of the finest massage therapists I have experienced. Strong hands...and fingers that dig into the knots of all the pressures of my world. Arlene makes all my problems go away...at least for an hour!!!"—CeCe S.


"It's always a pleasure to have a session with Arlene. She brings extensive training, knowledge, and experience to the table, but more importantly, her sincere intent to serve the client's individual needs. When I choose a practitioner my highest criterion is the character, the heart-and-soul of that person. In Arlene Estrella, my needs are met on all levels."—Anonymous

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